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Friday, May 12, 2006

Potts Round 1

Here we have Alexandria, her child Ryan, and her four toddlers Logan, Luke, Lilly and Lydia

All the toddlers grew up well into children even though they didn't learn any skills, but they were semi happy. I actually only used a nanny for a few hours, because she wasn't any help she just kept getting bottles out of the fridge and nothing else, and besides them being untrained things went pretty well.

Alex finally got a job in her preferred career, the medical tract, on Thursday, and has had a few promotions. Also Matthew switched from Slacker to Medical also, after he realized he wanted to d more with he's life instead of just partying, and follow he's life long dream of becoming chief of staff.

On the first day of school for all 5 kids, she taught all of them to study.

She then decided she needed a husband to help her out, she wanted the boys to grow up with a male influence *not that anythings wrong with this, but the boys liked the doll house a little to much*. So she went downtown to the bowling alley, and met Matthew Cho. They hit it off really well, and even went on a date at this place, and ended up having a dream date. The next day she called him up and invited him over for a date at her house *the kids were home from school, but I kept them busy either studying or sleeping so that mommy could have some "me time"*. They had another dream date, and both had wants to marry each other, so they did, and he brought ยง70,000 *yup she bagged Mr. Big*, and right after went to work.

I decided to do a little experiment on this family so I had Matthew start a community lot business *my first*, and got it to rank 10 (but not sure if its still there.. explain that in a second)

Ok on Sunday morning, at 2 am, Alex got home from her job, so Matthew decided to go to he's business since she could watch the kids. Well he got home and she started yelling and waving her arms and the camera kept zooming in.. hm.. but nothing so I change where I'm viewing, then 2 sec.'s later same thing, so yes she was pregnant but the first bump wouldn't come out. After various moving in and out of different places, and I think I'm going to have to delete her, I move them back into the main house (I figured if I had to get rid of her might as well put other back in the other house), and you know what?? The bump was there!!! So I'm so excited, the week was restarted to Monday at 8 am, so I'm just going to leave them there, so I lose a day, but I figure I can deal with that, because if I play it another day I'll just get off some other round down the road. So yup yup that was my week. Off to Corky's house, muchhhhh easier week this time.

  • +1 Matthew Cho (who is now Matthew Potts due to my mixup grr)
  • Funds- 206,503 (+186,503)


Blogger Alexis said...

Congrats on snagging Mr. Big--Alexandria needs all that money with all those kids running around! And now she has another one on the way--it's so funny to have a fortune sim with so many kids--usually they don't want that many! When you said you almost lost Alexandria and I read about her waving her arms around I thought she was dieing--phew! Just a stuck pregnancy. Great job managing to get it unstuck. Looking forward to more.

8:56 AM  
Blogger PRMami said...

If any house needed to get Mr Big it's this house ! Yay Alexandria !

3:25 PM  
Blogger ASimWen said...

WooHoo! Great job! I love Mr. Big!

10:35 AM  

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